The Disability Doesn’t Discriminate Campaign has great pleasure in announcing that former wallaby David Pocock, Independent Senate candidate for the ACT has thrown his support behind us.

David opposes age discrimination and supports the implementation of recommendation 72 of the Royal Commission into Aged Care & Quality that states;

RECOMMENDATION 72: Equity for people with disability receiving aged care

By 1 July 2024, every person receiving aged care who is living with disability, regardless of when acquired, should receive through the aged care program daily living supports and outcomes (including assistive technologies, aids and equipment) equivalent to those that would be available under the National Disability Insurance Scheme to a person under the age of 65 years with the same or substantially similar conditions.

He like every single prominent Independent candidate in this Federal election that the campaign has contacted are supporting the end of legislated age discrimination.

If you are 65 or over and acquire a disability you are banned from accessing funding provided by the NDIS. This means that if you don’t have the tens of thousands of dollars for your care and support you will be cast into the shambolic aged care system, a system not equipped for you, and you will receive at least five times less support than you would in the NDIS.

During this campaign we have lobbied every single candidate and disgracefully all the candidates from the two major parties, with one single exception, have refused to commit to ending age discrimination.

David joins another great Wallaby, former coach John ‘Knuckles’ Connolly, in supporting our campaign to end this age discrimination. John, who ten months ago, had a fall and broke his neck and has joined us as an Ambassador and he said;

“This discrimination against those over 65 is massive, Disability Doesn’t Discriminate but the Government does, this has to change, so join the campaign.”

The Independents could make a massive difference to the outcome of this election and the hopes of the tens of thousands of our senior citizens who are dealing with poor care, indignity and financial ruin urge you to consider these issues when you vote.

Disability Doesn’t Discriminate but the Government does. Join the campaign to end age discrimination today.

24,945 signatures did not convince politicians to take action.

It’s time for more direct action now.

woman in wheelchair and man with crutch